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The Ashdene Pre-School Committee


As a charitable organisation, Ashdene Independent Pre-School relies upon the support of a committee to make decisions about how to run the Pre-School.  These decisions can range from agreeing where best to invest funds raised back into the children's learning experience and to ensuring regulatory compliance in all areas such as Health and Safety and Safeguarding.


The team is made up of the Pre-School's management plus a group of parents.  This is a great blend of decision makers, as all stakeholders have a vested interest in making the right decisions to further improve the way the children learn. 

The positions on the committee are as follows:

Clare Essex-Crosby - Chairperson

Victoria Wright - Treasurer

Melissa Hynes– Secretary

Patrick Crookes – Parent Representative

Steve Essex- Crosby – Parent Representative

Vic Winter – Parent Representative

Viki Clapham - Head of Fundraising 

All the parents have volunteered to sit on the committee and we welcome any offers of support to join the team.

To find out more about what is involved, please contact Gemma Leonard who will happily give more detail and put you in touch with other committee members. 

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