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Arrival and Collection

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Parking around the Pre-School


We work closely with Ashdene Primary school to ensure the area around the school is safe during busy drop off and pick up times. Please can parents park responsibly around the school with consideration for our neighbours and ensuring children have visiblity when crossing. Please can parents also avoid parking on Thoresway Road where the main entrance to the school is located as this road can become busy with pedestrians at peak times.  Thank you for your support in keeping our children safe.


Arrival at Pre-school


At the start of each session your child is encouraged to find their name on the door of the room. The children come into the room and chose an activity to play supported by the staff. Each child has a peg to hang their belongings on and if they are having a packed lunch they can put their lunchbox on the lunch club trolley.


We politely request that parents are on time for the start of the session and on time to collect children at the end of the session as late arrivals and collections can disrupt the session.   


Authorised Collectors


Staff will only hand children over to collectors which have been authorised.  All collectors MUST be named on your detailed child record forms and a password left.  These can be amended throughout the year as you wish.


Children at Pre-School have the option of wearing the Pre-School sweatshirt, this is not compulsory. Sweatshirts are available for purchase from the pre-school office and come in red, green and blue and in sizes 3-4 years and 5-6 years.   

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